Definitely The Right Choice


In collaboration with Pluffy's Choice


It was 86 degrees outside in the west of Jakarta. It was still breakfast time but the weather felt like it's lunch. I felt unfamiliar since I am so used with 73 degrees at 8AM in Bandung. But here I am! I took a morning train to Jakarta for something that I had been excited about! I am having shoots with Pluffy's Choice!

It's exciting since I've been very in love in how brave they are in spreading out messages that women can wear whatever the fuck they want, which I can relate very much. I like cute-provocative clothes, yet sometimes I did not have the guts to wear them in my own home country just because I do not feel safe, both physically and mentally.

And now, seeing this label grows and spreading their messages ignites the hope that one day, we are able to make an environment where women can actually wear whatever the fuck they want without being oppressed.


It's been an honor to serve Pluffy's Choice as one of their muses! I would love to see them grow bigger and bigger, to shout their message louder!

Images were nicely taken by Dimas Prayogo
Styled by Steffi Santa
Brushed by Intan Achmad

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