Do Not Trust A Sagittarius

No scheme is too grand, and no plan is too large for her to conquer.


She will let you see the unseen things
She will take you on adventures, from the deepest point of the ocean to the entire galaxy
She will teach you to love yourself first, the rest comes second
She will follow strain of your thought, and seek your deeper reflection
She will notice the slightest change, thus she will able to tell if you are lying
She will leave, to avoid seeing you left
She will attach to nothing, to help her restless body fly lighter



Unbranded beret, 
Wellborn x Maternal Scarf by Iannocent, 
H&M bodysuit, 
Unbranded lace undergarment, 
Leporte Tokyo Style coat, 
SSEWN totebag The Pasar Series,
unbranded belt,
unbranded trousers,
Arizona Jean Company boots.

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