Polaroids of 2017: As Above So Below, As Within So Without


2017 was a hell of a ride!

I whined a lot about 2017 in my twitter, mostly about how 2017 is a lot worse than 2016. Many people considered 2016 was a tough year, but for me 2017 is the real tough.

I decided to collect all the polaroids I took in 2017 and post some of it. Also, a little glimpse of --my-- 2017 won't hurt right?

For me, 2017 is the year of separation. I lost many people this year, some of them actually gone which I can never reach back and some of them are just not physically reachable.

Some of my closest friends are moving out of town. They said the bigger the city the greater the salary. Well, it can't be helped. Even though this city I'm currently living offers infinite comfort, you cannot live in the comfort forever. It is sad to not have them physically around anymore, but I am happy to see them happily hustling out there.

Also, I had a pretty bad break-up this year. This is probably the first time I publicly speak about this since I have been keeping it out of radar for the past six months. I am not the type of a person who regularly speaks about my relationship online, sometimes I just let the folks know that I got someone and that's it. So I cannot anyone when someone asked me whether I'm still with my previous boyfriend while I'm trying to have a great day.

But, as one of my friends said, separation happens to help you grow.

This principle of correspondence says that the greater and the lesser are alike. Everything that has conscious life is all made from the exact same core substance and pattern. Now we can say that the lesser is oneself --you--, and the greater is the universe. You are made of cells that needs to be replaced regularly in order to help you grow. So is the universe, it is also made of cells which is now known as you, humans.

That is why separation happens. You lost another cell-fellow, it hurts we all know, but it must happen that way so we can grow. And since the cells replaced constantly, we have to be aware that losing someone is very regular. We should have expected that and understand that it is always for the greater good. So, you better get yourself used to it, maybe?

Besides, separation always means a new meeting. The cells regenerate, you may find that person who got away in another living being. In my case, I met many new people this year. Some of them left deep impressions and I really hope we will remain close in 2018. Some of them just passed briefly but I believe we ran into each other for a reason.

I hope 2018 will be a great year, if 2018 ain't my year I'm going to sue the universe.
Happy new year!


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