Your Well-Being Matters


You don't know what you have until it's gone. In my case, it's my own health.

Two weeks ago I was hospitalized due to appendicitis. 

It was very surprising for me and my closest ones since I rarely get sick. If I ever skipped class during my school year, the reason would mostly  because I was working for other deadline or comforting a friend who has been through a heartbreak. 

The last time I got hospitalized is when I was in 4th grade, which is roughly 13 years ago. After that, my immune grows stronger and I rarely caught any kind of sickness, I only catch a cold once in a blue moon.
Maybe that's when I started taking things for granted: I pushed my body to it's limit--knowing that I'll be alright after taking some power naps-- and eating whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want.

Of course I do workout sometimes. During college years, I used to do zumba once in a week, until life happens and my zumba friends and I graduated and moved out of town, I left alone with no motivation of working out without my bitches friends.

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By the time I stopped working out, I started working as a lecturer, a job that need extra energy since facing hundreds of student would drained yourself so hard. I thought draining your energy is equal to working out, turns out it's not. My immune can't hold it anymore and I ended up on the operation table. At that moment I realized that I need to start working out again.

Of course I take it slow, it's not like I'm going to be a gym rat by tomorrow. My scar is still recovering and I start with something that can give me a little motivation: by dressing up as if I'm going to work out.

They said do not dress as who you are, but dress as who you want to be. So this is me, implementing the words. I'm wearing running shoes as much as possible, changing my jeans into yoga pants, and much more.

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But still, I haven't decided what kind of workout I should do. I think zumba don't fit me anymore since I haven't found anyone who would do zumba together with me consistently. I'm still searching for the best workout plan which fits my schedule and interest. What about you? What kind of workout do you guys do lately? Mind to tell me since I desperately in need of options?

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