Escape escape


Sometimes all you need is a little escape with the girls who are willing to take pictures of you.

It's been a while since I have a little vacaycay. I guess the last time I went out of town to have fun was to Yogyakarta, and it was a year ago! Time sure flies, huh? 

So after all the shits I've been through, I think I deserve another escape. This one's vacaycay is supported by two of my main satan babes, Denissa and Kinara. We decided to go to my hometown, Cirebon, just to gain some fat.

We spent most of our time in Cirebon by eating. Unfortunately I'm not into food photography so I cannot provide you the visualization of the food we ate. But we surely ate a lot of meat.

Aside of eating, we also visited some tourist attraction. Since we didn't stay long, we only visited Sunyaragi Cave and Kasepuhan Castle.

I actually enjoyed my visit to Kasepuhan Castle very much since they took a good care of the buildings. Also, I happen to found my ancestor name in the list of the royal family. Even though I didn't know much about my ancestor, but to see his name in the list makes me feel like I belong in this place.

This vacation was short, but it's enough to distract me from some bad thoughts that have been haunting me. I really hope I can get another escape real soon!


both unbranded sleeveless top and pleated pants, 

Charlotte Russe sunglasses, 

Kitc totebag, 

and Adidas Superstar sneakers.

Images was nicely taken by Denissa Darmawan.

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