Warm Sunbeams


I'm not sure about the weather these days.



Wearing Zara Knit top, Women Apparel embroided mini skirt, Beaumate fishnet stockings, H&M boots

Beautiful warm weather always greet in the morning in my city, you'd thought it would be a good sunny day today, so you put less clothes on with thin fabrics, because hey, sunny day is always good to show some skins!

You were right until noon comes. Suddenly it's dark and windy at noon, you need no weather forecast to guess that it's going to rain. and within 5 minutes, the rain falls mercilessly and your thought about showing some skins on a sunny day is perfectly shattered.

That's what happened when I hung out with Ririz last week to have these images taken. We went out for a coffee and sit outside the cafe. It was enjoyable until it rained hard when we about to go home.

But hey, at least the weather is always nice in the morning. As a morning person, a nice weather helps me a lot to work productively. Warm sunbeams that breaks into my bedroom window keeps me awake better than coffee!

Images were nicely taken by Ririz Noorrahmi.

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