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I used to think public speaking is as scarier than death, but well, all the good speakers were bad at first.

Wearing Shibotik top, H&M pants, boots, and earrings, and Stradivarius mini backpack.

If you follow me on instagram, twitter, and ask.fm, you'd certainly aware that I've been babbling about how excited I am to be one of the speakers of Up Real State event last week. That was my first time doing public speaking in front of strangers (class presentation doesn't count since the audience is basically my squad), and I'm supposed to be talking about fashion and writing.

For a shy person with anxiety like me, public speaking is always bad idea. I repeat, bad idea. Those tiny me inside my head keep screaming "abort mission!" since they can predict what would happen once I stepped myself into the stage. I would mostly have tongue slip, blank moment, and making awkward gestures.

Sadly, those predictions made by me did actually happen.

I was that awkward in stage! Everybody noticed that. The talkshow went fast and I didn't even say what I had in mind earlier.

It was bad, I know. But I never regret every second of it. I am glad I had the chance to be a speaker, and I would love to step into another stage so I can improve myself. It was scary, but according to research, doing things you fear would increase your happiness. 

But still, something still bothers me. Some people have faith in me so they decided to chose me as a speaker. And for that, I am forever grateful. I feel bad because I feel like didn't give my best no matter how much I've tried. So, to make it up, I decided to write down some questions I've been asked on the talkshow and answer it in a more proper sentences. I'm the type of a person who thinks better through writing, so I hope this would help:

When did you start writing?
I started enjoy writing at my puberty phase. I have tons of feelings bloating in my mind yet can't find anyone to talk to 24/7. I started writing diary before sleep and stopped because my mother discovered my diary. 

Then I discovered the blog in high school. I wrote mostly about my personal experience and trying to be a little bit funny because in that era Raditya Dika is the muse of all bloggers. Then I deleted my blog because I realized I would be embarrassed if I re-read my blog in the next 10 years and that wasn't my style at all.

Then 2016 came and I have interest in posting my personal style on instagram which receives pretty good response. Then I had an idea what if I start blogging again but this time would be more about my personal style, and I did.

The alternate version of how this blog was born is that I had a pretty bad heartbreak at the moment and I have to do something to distract myself. And also to subtly tell that guy that I'm doing just fine without him.

Why trend is so important in fashion industry?
Trend would help you identify your market and gain the most profit from it. Fashion trends is not only about what's the hottest shirt right now but also the current mood, behavior and buying habits of the customer. Understanding the trend would help creating the best marketing strategy for brands.

Who's your muse?
I am a type of a person who would rather reflect on myself and see what I can do best than trying to be someone I admire.

What to do if I want to wear something but I don't feel confident enough about it?
People would always judge you and talk about things behind you no matter how hard you try to be nice and stuff, so why bother sweating yourself looking for other people's validation when you can just wear stuff you love and make yourself happy.

Describe your personal style?
My friends usually describe my style as provocative. I like daring cuts and showing skins. When other people go to campus wearing jeans and shits, I would show up at class wearing oversized sweater and stockings. I remember went pass by a mosque and someone scold me for wearing short skirt. The skirt wasn't that provocative though, it was on knee flare skirt. He was just being overreacted and I couldn't care less.

Words for fashion startups?
- Make things based on honesty. Don't fool your customer saying you selling tees for $50 when you made it only for $3.
- Pick your influencer carefully. It is never about the number of followers, it's about how big their influence so people would listen to them. Also, pick the one who represents your brand image well if you don't want to be misunderstood.
- Read a lot! What happens in the whole world would affect your selling. Stay updated in the media and seek for some golden chances. 
- Make things that would make you happy!

That's some questions I remember and I think I've explained it better in writings.

But once again, I am very thankful for this opportunity. My deepest gratitude goes to Sofwa as the committee of the event and her friends since they took care of me so nicely. They gave me peppermint milk and melted brownie and it was honestly the best food combination I've eaten. Let's hang out again sometime!

Also, I would thank my friends (and my baby!) who came and supports me. Especially Ririz (that girl in the picture above!) whom I haven't seen in a long time and willing to documenting my milestone.

The last but not least, thank you for people behind my look that day: Kak Pyut and Fariskee from Shibotik and Audhina who made me the purrfect cat eyes look!

Images were nicely taken by Rizky Noorrahmi and Nur Ikhsan Azizudin.
Make up were perfectly brushed by Audhina Nur Afifah.

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