The Start of Everything New


Wearing H&M summer dress, H&M outer, Stradivarius sunglasses, and Adidas superstar sneakers.

Happy new year!
We all know 2016 sucked, but well, let's hope 2017 will treat us well.

I've been doing everything new since December, I got a new job which I'm still trying to adjust with the new environment, I got new goals and automatically changed some plans, everything has been new.

It was only a year ago I spent my new years eve at home doing studio assignment. This year, I am no longer a college student and I spent my new years eve with family and some close friends instead.

By the way, I spent a a lovely afternoon at Paradesa Warong which located near (well, not too far) from my house. My college classmate, Billy, invited me since he was involved in designing the place.

And I'm so proud of him since he and his team has successfully created cool chill place which provides hammocks and cute lazy chairs! And look at the turquoise color they used as their signature color! 


The sunset was beautiful!!

I love that cotton candy sky view that they successfully provided with their open area. I think it's a good idea to kiss someone under that cotton candy sky. Well, it's always a good idea to kiss someone, right?

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