Bad Girls Do It Well


1st look 
wearing unbranded denim jacket, H&M bodysuit, unbranded stockings, and unbranded clear framed glasses.

2nd look
wearing KITC t-shirt, unbranded stockings, Adorable Project platform shoes, and unbranded clear framed glasses.

3rd look
wearing H&M bodysuit, MKY clothing jeans, and unbranded clear framed glasses.

note: those are not 'fake' glasses that I use only for the sake of fashion, I actually wear them on daily basis since I have myopia.

A few days ago, I posted something on my instagram. It was a picture of me --which was made along with this series of pictures but decided to not put it in here because reasons-- wearing a bodysuit and a denim jacket, exploiting my bare legs but not my face since I cropped it.

Apparently that post causes many controversial talk among my acquaintances. Most of them didn't expect that kind of pictures coming from a person like me, the rest are trash talking about how am I turning into a bad girl since I graduated from college.

First of all, I have always been this way; liking clothes that showing more skin, lingerie collecting, anything you would call as being slutty.

The second is I'm not showing that much in real life, and I just happen to got the chance to show it online these days.

The third is --the most important one-- showing more skin doesn't make me less respectable woman. In fact, I don't have to be modest in order to be respected. 

I am writing this not because I feel offended about what people said about me, I am writing this so you guys can understand that it is okay to be comfortable with our own skin. It is okay to show more of your skin and it is also okay to show less of your skin. What isn't okay is judging people based on how much skin they are showing. It is just skin, everyone has it, so stop overreacting and make it normal.

Images are taken by yours truly with the help of her beloved tripod.

This post is also available in shorter version on Steller.

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