Living in The Arcade World


Oh, honey I wish I could live in this glowing fun space forever.

Wearing mom's vintage silk scarf as a top, H&M cotton pants, unbranded bomber jacket, H&M boots, ughlala_ pompom earring, and suede choker by Ratih Amandhita.

I used to be an avid visitor of arcade back when I was 6 years old. I went to arcade almost every week with my dad just to play that stupid claw crane machine which I have no idea it's designed to not retrieve anything. But the little me was far from giving up, with the help of the baby eyes and a little promises and with lies, dad can't do nothing but sighed then gave me extra coins for that claw machine.

Trivia: I finally retrieved a frog doll from that claw machine in 2003. I guess that was once in a lifetime experience.

God, I enjoy those good old days.

I didn't know exactly when I stop visiting arcade. I guess it was around my adolescence era when I was busy with school and growing up.

And now I visiting arcade feels very nostalgic for me. Some games don't change at all, and some other are either gone or evolved. It's also funny to find myself bowing down a little to play certain machine when I used to stand on my toe to reach the machine when I was younger.

I like arcades. I like the hypnotizing lights. I like the let's-get-crazy ambiance. I like the tickets I can exchange into toys.

and basically I like being a kid. 

Images are nicely taken by Alifia Ganjaraharja.

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