Unconditional Selflessness


Remember your teenage love days? The days when you have to balance your changing body with the thought of your crush every minute, the days of puppy love, the days when love was easy?

Great, now look back to where you are right now, at this very age, does that teenage love make sense? Cause most people said teenage love isn't real, it's all just hormones talking and thinking. Even some would describe teenage love as infatuation. Delusional.

But for me, teenage love is the most beautiful love. It was honest and passionate, as easy being happy only by seeing the person you cherish, as hard as confessing your true feelings. But no matter how confusing you think teenage love is, it wasn't complex. if I like you then I like you. If you like me back then we can be together. So reckless, but it's okay.

Being in love in my 20s ain't as easy as being in love in my 15. Love grows into something complicated. It's like, when you both love each other it doesn't mean you can automatically be together. There are external matters that should be considered to be with the one you love. Money, parents, power, race, religions, you name it. Now teenage love sounds very easy, hm?

I personally refused the idea of being too considerate about being in love. I want to fall hard, I want to love recklessly, I want to be blinded by passion, I want to have the teenage love for the rest of my life.

And I did.

And I feel liberated.

Perfectly photographed by Octria Adi Prasojo of La Profondeur.


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