The Special Region of Yogyakarta: Ullen Sentalu


I had fun visiting Yogyakarta!

Wearing Stradivarius dress, thrifted denim jacket, Adidas sneakers, Stradivarius quilted backpack, Stradivarius glasses, and ughlala_ pom-pom earrings.

It was actually an impulsive trip since I deserve a little fun after my graduation last month. It's been hell of a month since graduated means having responsibilities with pressure and getting endless question of what am I going to do next. So I took the chance to have a little escape and chose Yogyakarta as my main destination.

I only stayed for 3 days and enjoyed every second of it. (Though I spent the first day mostly sleeping) (no regret). What I love the most from Yogyakarta is how they serve the tea. People in around Central Java, East Java, and Yogyakarta usually like their tea sweet while people around West Java --which I currently live in now--served their tea plain without sugar. As a sweet tooth, I ain't even mad drinking tea in Yogyakarta everyday.

Since I have no interest visiting 'too famous' tourist attraction due to high number of people who will be around, I decided to visit museums. I went to two museums, Ullen Sentalu and Affandi. But since I enjoyed history more than paintings, I'll only talk about Ullen Sentalu.

My first impression of Ullen Sentalu is they have well-designed buildings unlike most museums in Indonesia. No wonder because the museum itself is being well-managed by private organization, and because of that, the museum will cost you a little bit more expensive than usual government-managed museums. But no worries, your IDR 30K  (around $2, but they will cost around $4 for international tourist) will be very worth to spend.

Ullen Sentalu is basically Javanese culture and art museums. As a proud Javanese, visiting this museum makes me feel like coming home to learn about my culture and ancestors. You will learn so much in here since your IDR 30K will provide you personal tour guide who will take you around and explain every single thing. Pretty damn good deal, eh?

Too bad, we weren't allowed to take pictures in the museum since the most of the objects have copyrights. Explains much why the images I provide here is mostly about ~my own self~ not the museum. But worry not! Their blessed heart let your Instagram-minded self to take pics in certain spots, and they all are pretty! I bet you'll take a lot of pictures just like I did.

Since Ullen Sentalu is located near Merapi mountain, the temperature isn't as high as Yogyakarta's usual temperature. Basically the cool temperature I'm comfortable with since I prefer mountains over beach.

Conclusion: IDR 30K well spent 10/10 would visit again.

Trivia: Your IDR 30K will also provide you ginger drink at the and of the tour! My tour guide says the ginger drink is good for defying age.

Images was nicely taken by Baren Azisia Undiana.


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