Summer Mountain



Wearing H&M summer dress, Charlotte Russe sweater, Nike sneakers, Adorable Project faux leather bag, H&M silver bones necklace, and Nerdmob lucky bastard bracelet.

I've never been a nature person.

Especially a commercialized one. That's why I actually felt a little bit hesitate when a good friend of mine, Octria, wanted to go to a commercialized natural space somewhere in Lembang.

Well, he actually asked where do I wanna go, but my only answer is I wanna go wherever I can wear my white summer dress. (Then he suggested whether we should go to the mall, but nah bcs duh?).

Then he chose a place. A natural space. A commercialized natural space. Somewhere in the mountain. Since we ran out of place to go then I can't help but agreed.

You know, summer dress and mountain ain't actually a good match. Therefore, it was a good thing that I brought my sweater along with me. (Technically, I always bring a sweater/outerwear with me because you can't escape those judging eyes when you're wearing a sleeveless in Indonesia.) AND it is another good thing that I wore my sneakers.

Then off we go, paid for tickets, seeing stuff, seeing a lot of people (I repeat, A LOT) taking pictures. We can't find any good spot to take pictures because there were a lot of people, but we remembered there were an abandoned plantation near the parking lot, we knew we're gonna take pictures there at the first sight because apparently the abandoned plantation is more beautiful then the commercialized natural place. The best part is: no one actually realized how beautiful that place is so there were no one else there.

Thank God for Octria's blessed hands, he managed to capture a lot of beautiful shots. The place itself was already beautiful, then the blessed hands made the pictures look mesmerizingly dreamy! (Also I look more beautiful than usual.)

Some shots that I uploaded earlier on my Instagram got a lot of good response, and here are the rest of those beautiful shots he took. Hope you guys enjoy them!

Images are nicely taken by Octria Adi Prasojo

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