Promenadé - a mixtape for Nerdmob


Most people at my age who just finished their school would try to keep themselves busy because you'll literally have shitload of free time once you're finished school. For me, I am now busy working  for Kitc x Nerdmob store, as their part time store attendant (if you visit their store, I may be at your service!), and a full time content creator for Nerdmob along with 5 other cool people I proudly call teammate. (Btw, check out Nerdmob's Instagram page, guys! You'll find some of my work there!)

Aaaaand today's mixtape is specially curated by one of my colleagues aka teammate, Aliefta, for our beloved brand, Nerdmob. (Yeah, we made mixtape for a brand, how cool is that?!) and now available for hearing on spotify (soon on their website) (or scroll down a little bit, I attached the playlist down below).

We named our very first mixtape Promenadé. This is a selective playlist that fits the outgoing weekend mood, strolling throughout the city, and made for the stylish wanderlust spirits who wander and stroll with Nerdmob goodies on, this is your soundtrack!

My favorite track is Break by Kero Kero Bonito.

Artwork by my another cool colleague aka teammate, Elisabet Rasita.

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