Shopping Spree


Wearing unbranded sweater, Levi's jeans, Adorable Project boots, and Shophella choker.

Well, not that kind of shopping spree filled with clothes, shoes, and diamonds but another kind of shopping spree filled with snacks, foods, and drinks!

Grocery shopping is my second favorite kind of shopping. Well technically anything that has shopping in it will always be my favorite. I remember granny always took me when buying groceries when I was younger and she always let me pick my own choice of snack. I guess that's the root of my shopping habit.

Bread is my essential grocery just because I need it for breakfast every morning. Yes, you read it right, I eat bread every morning. Make it sweet with butter and Nuttela or make it salty with ham and cheese, nothing can go wrong with bread. My current favorite bread is brioche. As a sweet tooth, its sweet and soft texture has successfully stole my heart on the first bite.

And how about you? What's your most buy thing when it comes to grocery shopping?


Images are nicely taken by Lukas Satriadi.

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