Never Been Better


Wearing Humblezing outerwear, unbranded top, Forever 21 pants, Nike shoes.

Welcome February!

I know this post has nothing to do with images above but let me just share my personal style and thought at the same time because I really need to share this.

Did you know that February was named after Latin term 'februum' which means purification? Well, I guess this is the right time to purify ourselves from whatever elements that are bad for you.

Since I had rough times back in January that it leaves self-doubt, anxiety, and hatred, I've been cleaning up myself from those bad things. And this is what I've been doing lately:

Keeping myself busy all the time that it leaves no space to reflect about the past.
College, final assignment, projects, student exchange preparation, you name it! I got them fully booked in my schedule that as soon as I get home, I get tired and rush myself to sleep. No more sleepless night of being sad.
Best part: I released this personal website of mine and have been constantly preparing for new post every week! It's been fun!

Embracing healthy lifestyle and start working out more.
Did I tell you that I've stopped consuming indomie? Or how I've been routinely engaged to Zumba every week?
Best part: I burned a lot of fat in my belly and it's starting to resemble Victoria's Secret model's belly. (lol, nope)

Cutting off toxic people.
Yes. I've been unfollowing a lot of people that I always compare myself with, blocking people who repeatedly sending hate comments anonymously, and stopped stalking over certain people who brings me down.
Best part: Peace is in the air yo.

Spending more times with loved ones.
I realized I wasn't really open to my mother in the past years, but as I grow older our mindsets are kind of clicked and I feel like I finally found the best friend I've been searching for. Of course she gets grumpy sometimes which makes me irritated, but that's ok. I'm starting to understand her.
Best part: More shopping times together, less money to spend.

So when you ask how am I doing lately, I'm gonna answer proudly that I've never been better. Shit happens sometimes but it doesn't mean you gotta stay sad forever.

Hope everyone can purify themselves from whatever bad things happened!


Images are nicely taken by Lukas Satriadi

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