Falling in love at the coffee shop


So I went to a new coffee shop near my uni. I've been stressed out with assignments and personal life and the last thing I know is I ended up in a coffee shop. I always have a thing for coffee shop. I pictured coffee shop as a calming place where they play soothing music and serve warm and delicious beverages. It's a kind of therapy where people in big cities could run away from the hustle and bustle for a while, looking at the rain, and having the possibility of falling in love with fellow coffee shop lover. That's my idea for ideal coffee shop.

But apparently coffee shop nowadays are full of noisy teenagers who came by to giggles. (yeah I'm looking at you, capitalist coffee shop)

BUUT I can worry no more since Litenote Coffe & Space provides you a very nice and calming space when you can just sit around with people who's busy with themselves which means no overheard giggles!

They also serve nice manually brewed coffee, and since not everyone is an avid fan of coffee they also serve other sweet beverages such as everyone's current favorite; green tea shake.

I like being here since even everyone is around, my introvert side doesn't feel irritated. Also, they have cute space downstairs, (I sat upstairs since it's not much people sit upstairs and I can take pics as much as I want) (a shy blogger here).

Wearing Charlotte Russe Sweater, unbranded skirt, and Arizona Jean Company boots.

So, whenever you feel overwhelmed, it is always good idea to visit a coffee shop. Make sure they don't have giggling teens around or you're doomed.

Have a great day, everyone!


Images are nicely taken by Lukas Satriadi

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