Harmless at a glance, yet carries humor darker than her soul.

In collaboration with Pluffy's Choice

No scheme is too grand, and no plan is too large for her to conquer.

2017 was a hell of a ride!


This is the list of things that I did on my last days of being 22.


You don't know what you have until it's gone. In my case, it's my own health.


Sometimes all you need is a little escape with the girls who are willing to take pictures of you.



I am not going to put the brand name of the clothes I'm wearing in this post.

I'm not sure about the weather these days.

I used to think public speaking is as scarier than death, but well, all the good speakers were bad at first.

Wearing dress by AR Amalia for YCIFI

I never thought I would look good in plain white dress. I usually thought plain white dress was too innocent and pure for my taste. It feels weird to not add the touch of dark color in me except my deep black hair.

Until I found out this piece has very daring backless cut, I think I can deal with this. The cut adds a brave sensual touch to the innocence vibe, which are my favorite keywords

Images were nicely taken by Ferrian Reynaldi.

I've been living with anxiety my whole life and it makes me feel bad at some points. I used to ignore the fact that I'm suffering with this kind of unpleasant emotion because I thought I was just a suck human being who can't get my shit together.




Wearing Visualgebra unisex outer by Fariskee, Stradivarius white tank, Charlotte Russe slit skirt, and Bershka shoes.


A unisex outerwear with mathematics symbol pattern made by Fariskee for Young Creator Indonesia Fashion Institute basic fashion design course. 

I'm so  honored to help Fariskee for his final project in his fashion design course! His mad illustration skill never failed to amaze me. No wonder his work is nominated as one of the best designs in his fashion design course.

Some of these photographs were exhibited at the YCFI final exhibition at Bandung Institute of Technology.
Images were nicely taken by Alifia Ganjaraharja.

Images are taken nicely by Alifia Ganjaraharja
Wardrobe is supported by Hitam Indonesia
Make up is perfectly brushed by Clarissa Natalia